Digital collectibles

Just like it sounds, they’re digital content that you can collect, in this case tradable cards and stickers. 
These are what people call NFTs.
By being programmed as NFTs, it’ll let you collect, own, show off your collections, trade, buy and sell them for real money.

No. These digital collectibles work with WAX, a Delegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain.

What you’ve been reading in social media are about NFTs created with Ethereum’s proof-of-work blockchain that have a noticeble carbon footprint.
WAX’s blockchain is  around 17000 times cleaner than Ethereum.

#CleanNFTs … what silly hashtag when most NFTs blockchains are already clean, silly Ethereum!!

You’ll need a WAX wallet.
You can get one through WAX Cloud wallet, you just need to register with your e-mail or your twitter account.
With it, you can log in into Atomic Hub so you can trade, transfer, buy and sell collectibles.

The WAX cloud wallet is not only to save your dear collectibles but you can stake to help the community while gaining rewards. You can read more info about how to use your WAX cloud wallet here.

Remember to keep your account safe by activating two factor authentication and never give your passwords to anyone.

Atomic Hub is a marketplace (or dApp) that I’ll be using to create, sell and distribute my collectibles.
From here you can also check yours or other people’s collections, sell and trade.

Atomic Hub functions thanks to WAX.
WAX is a cryptocurrency and DPOS blockchain specially made for the creation and distribution of NFTs for digital collectibles and video games items.
Transactions are immediate and with no expensive gas fees.

It’s currently the second most used blockchain for digital content, after Ethereum.
In it also participate big brands like CAPCOM and Topps and celebrities like Deadmau5 and… William Shatner?? yeah I don’t know either.

Yes and no.

I am planning to sell some card and sticker packs on my personal store so people can pay using Paypal or Debit/Credit card. This will be only for packs and not for individual items tho.
You can check out my store here.

In the meantime, to buy collectible through drops and buy at the marketplace you will need WAXP.
On your WAX cloud wallet, on the right, there’s an “BUY WAX” option where you can use you credit card to buy some coins or you can use exchanges. Remember that this is crypto, WAX is relatively stable but it’s good to keep a price of the coin. The price of items do not change.

You can read more info on how to buy and sell WAXP.

Some of it, yes.
If you’re my patron and in the mail club tier, you could receive stickers of my collections.
The collectible cards, when sets are completed, I’ll handmade physical versions of them, connected to digital counterparts.
But I might only print 3 or 2 copies of each set though.
Really limited. Trading cards are hard to make 😆
This will not be happening soon, so please be patient.

Not at the moment.
But if I see there’s demand for it, I will be opening a discord for it.