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Cycle 3 – May and June 2022

Welcome to the leaderboard!!

Who can participate in leaderboard?
Owners of the K9 and Red cards.

How do you calculate the points??
The points of the individual NFT depends on the template’s max supply:

😌+100 supply = 1 point
🙂51 to 99 supply = 2 points
😘21 to 50= 3 points
🥰6 to 20= 4 points
😍1 to 5 = 5 points

NFTs from Collab artist: 3 extra points

What do I need to do to participate and is there a time limit to collect the points?
You must hold the NFTs included on the point list in your wallet together with the K9 or Red club card.
Each cycle last 2 months and each cycle will have different specific templates that will give you points.

What collections are valid for the high-score?
magnta555art, magnta555ocs, meninainabox and pinkdungeons on WAX
Every cycle I’ll invite a friend collection to add to the score system.

What are the rewards and when they’ll be delivered
Top 5 NFT art ( NFT Max supply 6)
Top 10 NFT art (Max supply 13)
Top 15 NFT art (Max supply 20)
Everyone with at least +3 points: thank you badge (Max supply depends on how many collectors are that cycle)
The NFTs are (usually) delivered after the last day of the cycle.
The extra supply is delivered to the collab artist. #1 of the thank you badge will also be sent to the Collab artist

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